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Un poderoso micro controlador con comunicación bluetooth con el gran sistema de AIRcable incluido.

Para ingenieros y desarrolladores de hardware.

Wireless Programmable Micro-Controller (W-PLC)

  • Runs applications in BASIC on the AIRcable OS
  • Easy, wireless software development and deployment
  • Data logging functions, up to 48kByte
  • Analog, digital, 2-wire and serial sensor interfaces

Powerful wireless functions, high security

  • Simultaneous master and slave connections
  • Allow and control incoming Bluetooth connections
  • Make outgoing connections to SPP, FTP and OBEX
  • Disable and enable Bluetooth profiles SPP, FTP and OBEX
  • Mesh network capable

Single Processor Solution

  • Very low hardware cost
  • Ultra low power consumption
    (<50uA with OS running)
  • Ideal solution for wireless sensors, smart dust, motes

The AIRcable SMD is an intelligent, autonomous, wireless microcontroller with Bluetooth communication capability for applications running on its AIRcable Operating System. It conforms to Bluetooth V2.0+EDR and supports simultaneous master and slave connection modes, 2 serial port profiles, file transfer client and server, OBEX client and server and an audio channel.

The AIRcable SMD can be programmed and configured wirelessly via easy text file transfer.

The AIRcable SMD runs applications in BASIC that can be used in products for wireless cable replacement, mesh sensor and control network applications (motes), for reading sensors, logging data, controlling equipment and communicating wirelessly to other devices such as AIRcable devices, cell phones, PDAs, laptops and PCs based on the Bluetooth standard.

AIRCABLE bluetooth SMD.


AIRCABLE bluetooth SMD


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