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El AIRcable serial 3, es una interfase inteligente -puerto serie a bluetooth- .

The AIRcable Serial3 is an intelligent serial-to-Bluetooth interface which eliminates the need for Bluetooth software on the PC and much more...

New Features

  • Fully customizeable
  • Control master and slave connections
  • Restrict connectivity to customer devices
  • Security functions
  • Command line interface in BASIC
  • Runs applications in BASIC on the AIRcable OS
  • DTR/DSR now supported!

Pre-configured & Ready for Action!

The AIRcable Serial3 is our, next-generation serial module, designed for optimizing serial-to-Bluetooth connections. It is much more than just a connection module.

The pre-installed cable replacement application, like other applications used in mobile phones, allows zero-configuration use as "service-slave", allowing incoming serial connections from other Bluetooth devices. With the push of a button it configures in a secure one-to-one slave or master mode.

Fully Programmable & Configurable!

The AIRcable Serial3 is programmed in BASIC and available for you (the customer) to adapt it to your particular application and needs.

The AIRcable Serial3 runs the latest AIRcable OS Operating System that allows complete customization including automatic and selective connections, configuration of PIN code, authentication, name, terminal lines etc. see programming manual. See the open source project for a snapshot of what has already been developed for the AIRcable OS!

The AIRcable Serial3 has external baud rate switches for 4800 - 115200 baud and a hardware handshake disable switch so it can be used in 3 wire serial connection applications.

The AIRcable Serial3 module has a male type DB9 connector which can be adapted to a female type connector with the included null-modem adapter.

In addition the module can be set into 5 different modes which allows it to be independent. One of the modes, the "service-slave" mode, allows it to work as a "AIRcable Bluetooth Service" module.

Every AIRcable Serial3 module is now shipped with a free null-modem adapter that is used to convert the male serial plug to a female serial plug and supports power through pin 9.

See our applications section to see a real-world applications of the AIRcable Serial3 .

Powering the AIRcable Serial3

The AIRcable module requires external power (min 5V, max 15V) but can also be powered through pin 9 of the DB9 connector (DC 5-15V). See power plug information.


Need battery? Need more range?

Our new AIRcable Serial OS product has a rechargeable lithium polymere battery build-in and a range of 500 ft with our specifically optimized 4 inch antenna.


110-240v Power Supply

This power supply can only be used with AIRcable Serial devices. Order this if you need an external power supply and cannot provide power to the AIRcable Serial modules through pin 9 of the DB9 connector. See power plug information.




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